Hybrid Technology Alliance is where technology meets talent.


Hybrid Technology Alliance is the leader in disruptive technologies

Leading the disruption in Healthcare, Bio-sciences, Oil & Gas, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Energy and Petrochemicals.

HTA (Hybrid Technical Alliance) is a trusted partner in information and digital technology. The alliance is a composite of master architects across all segments of digital economy. HTA leads in cross-vertical solutions for Healthcare, Bioscience, Real Estate, Energy, Logistics and other industry verticals. The practice is especially focused on innovative and turn-around activities helping companies improve their day to day activities along with achieving their long term goals.

25 years of experience

Global presence

500+ Successful projects

250+ Exceptional resources

HTA Area of Expertise


Internet of Things

While it’s easy to view IoT as a composite technological system comprising of integrated mega-structures such as smart cities and enterprises, it is essential to understand that individual components are what ultimately bring the whole system together.


Big Data

Big data development is critical for today’s forward thinking business leaders. Without a smart data strategy, your company can be left in the dust as it tries to strategize and make decisions in the virtual dark. Don’t let your business fall behind.


Cloud Computing

When it comes to building and deploying an application on the cloud, the entire process requires careful assessment and planning to build the app with high scalability, capacity, security and integration.


Artificial Intelligence

We can help solve some of the most pressing business problems through leveraging the data a company obtains. This is made possible through AI and machine learning development that takes into consideration the most crucial business needs.



The blockchain refers to a type of digital distributed ledger that keeps track of whatever information or transactions you want. This digital ledger, once created, can keep information in a permanent form.

Enterprise mobility

New Enterprise wants solutions in the palm of their hand. Today, no enterprise solution is complete without mobile component. HTA has a proven record for delivering successful Enterprise Mobility solutions.

Hybrid Technology Alliance Partners

What we bring to the table

Project management

Ability to handle projects from emerging technologies and their interaction.

Global Standards

Use of best practices from global standards.

Fund Raising

Help raise funds for projects and see it through completion.


Integrate IoT functionalities with Block chain framework.

Technology Labs

Offer hybrid technology labs to accelerate development and do proof of concept.

IP Protection

Help protect intellectual property (IP) through our custom designed procedures.

Domain experts

Access to domain experts to develop paradigm changing solutions.

Ease of Use

Agile approach creating multi-week sprints to cover benefits, duration and efforts.

Security & Compliance

We follow a clear process to work towards safeguarding applications.

Why choose Hybrid Technology Alliance for your projects

Why HTA?

Excellent Track Record

Hundreds of successful projects that range in industries from oil and gas to finance across several technological platforms gives HTA the credibility that translates into your peace of mind.

Transparent Project Lifecycle

Keeping the process visible to our clients is a key element of our work ethic. From start to end we keep you updated and informed about the progress of your project every step of the way

Unparalleled Customer Service

Our intention is not to please or satisfy our clientele, our intention is to amaze you. We make sure we do just that by providing you timely and efficient customer service pre, during and post project completion.

Hybrid Technology Alliance Overview

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