HTA Area of Expertise

Internet of Things
While it’s easy to view IoT as a composite technological system comprising of integrated mega-structures such as smart cities and enterprises, it is essential to understand that individual components are what ultimately bring the whole system together. HTA is fully equipped to help you get a foothold in the IoT landscape with a convergence of smart technological devices and systems to create a holistic environment fulfilling your company’s objectives.
Big Data

Big data development is critical for today’s forward thinking business leaders. Without a smart data strategy, your company can be left in the dust as it tries to strategize and make decisions in the virtual dark. Don’t let your business fall behind. You need to hire a quality big data consultant to help you best manage and cultivate your data in order to be competitive for 2020 and beyond.

Cloud Computing
When it comes to building and deploying an application on the cloud, the entire process requires careful assessment and planning to build the app with high scalability, capacity, security and integration. HTA not only provides Cloud App Development but offers you a diverse range of software development services including IPhone App Development, Android App Development, Windows App Development, Web App Development, Cloud Development, Blackberry and Game Development Services to its huge clientele.
Artificial Intelligence
We can help solve some of the most pressing business problems through leveraging the data a company obtains. This is made possible through AI and machine learning development that takes into consideration the most crucial business needs. With some of the have best machine learning experts and NLP consultants available, we are ready to help you transform your organization to be ready for an AI-run world.

The blockchain refers to a type of digital distributed ledger that keeps track of whatever information or transactions you want. This digital ledger, once created, can keep information in a permanent form.

Blockchain technology initially originated to support the creation of cryptocurrency, the first of which was Bitcoin. Another type of popular cryptocurrency is Ethereum.

Cryptocurrency utilizes blockchain to keep track of transactions, which cuts down on the middleman (such as a bank) that used to be in the way of the transfer of money.

Blockchain technology works great for digital currency, but that is just the beginning.

Enterprise mobility
New Enterprise wants solutions in the palm of their hand. Today, no enterprise solution is complete without mobile component. HTA has a proven record for delivering successful Enterprise Mobility solutions.